Black & White Long Sleeve Raglan Baseball Tee

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The Raglan Sleeve Baseball Tee: Spring for me means Baseball season. Even though I know my NY Mets will be terrible, each new season means a fresh chance at greatness.

These baseball tees were made in California of a rich cotton/poly blend for Blade+Blue.

Recently, I went into my drawers and realized that I didn't have a single thing that was plain white.  Then I realized, I had nothing that was plain black either. NOT ONE THING!... well, except for my B+B undies, but that's a different story.

It was clear, that my first priority for Spring was to solve that problem. 

I'm in love with how the shape of this tee plumps up your shoulders & pecs. Check out this chesticles! AHAHA!

Each tee sports the Blade+Blue crest just above the hem on the wearer's right.



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