Aqua Blue Ombre Gradient Tie Dye Tank Top

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Aqua Blue Ombre Tank:  This season, I was inspired by graffiti & tie dye - art forms that helped people form community & gain the power to "RESIST".

Custom dyed in California, steely blue gradually fades into pure white which bleeds into a soft aqua. The pattern is not only a work of art in and of itself, but the ombre creates a visual illusion that is extremely flattering on the body.

If you have spent any time at the dog park, you know that it can become a lot like a high school cafeteria... Cliques of cool kids vs. oddballs, dog owners secretly competing with each other & gossip.... lots & lots of gossip.

Blade's best friend at the park is Jesse - who looks like a little snowball. 

Blade, Gavin (my dachshund) and I have formed a mini clique with Jesse and her guardian named Jack Martin. Jack is 82 years old, full of San Francisco history and the epitome of the word "RESIST".

Jack was 29 years old during the famous Summer of Love and he describes a San Francisco that rebelled against a culture that censored ideas, silenced expression and oppressed alternative forms of self-identity. 

The more I listened to him talk, I realized that his fight made it possible for me to come here & resist against the pressures I was experiencing nearly 20 years ago. It's almost as if he and his friends passed the baton on to the next generation of 'resisters'. 

Fabric & Country Of Origin: This 100% Cotton Tee was cut & sewn in Mexico. Then it was custom dyed in Los Angeles, California.

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