Linen/Cotton Blue & White Windowpane Check Shirt - 'Nelson'

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The Nelson Shirt: "You ran on the beach with Kennedy flair" - KD Lang, Summerfling

The first 'spark' of an idea for what Blade+Blue would become came from seeing pictures of my father & grandfather from the 1950's. There was a timeless ease about their style that fascinated me. 

Recently, I was struck when I heard someone say that Americans no longer have 'common heroes'.  

Maybe this is why I have been thinking so much about the 50's and early 60's - which led me to President John F. Kennedy.... his poise, his intelligence and his casual yet sophisticated style that reminded me of the pictures of my dad & his father.

The 'Nelson' shirt is the epitome of 'timeless' - a simple, fresh color combo breathes new life into a classic menswear pattern. I can imagine him wearing it on Cape Cod with Jackie on his arm and John Jr. tugging at his shirttail.

55% Linen 45% Cotton. It is recommended that you wash in cold water and hang dry.

I live for making shirts & I am a real fanatic about it. So much detail & care has been put into the making of each Blade + Blue piece. I want this to be your new favorite shirt.

What Makes a Blade + Blue Shirt So Special? 

- MADE IN USA: Blade + Blue shirts are made in limited runs here in the USA. I work with master craftsmen whose family has been making shirts since the 1950's. 

- TOP OF THE LINE FABRIC:  Blade + Blue sources premium Japanese fabrics from some of the finest textile mills in the world.

- A GREAT FIT:  I set out to create a shirt that was both comfortable & flattering. No more feeling like you are stuffed into a super-skinny fit or feeling frumpy in a big, boxy fit. The Blade + Blue cut was designed to provide room for comfort in key areas like the chest & shoulders but is then slightly nipped at the waist to give you a most flattering shape. You will also notice that the lengths of Blade + Blue shirts are designed to make you to look great tucked in or out. Please take a look at our FIT GUIDE for more specific measurement information.

- 'NITTY-GRITTY' GOOD STUFF: Let me share a few more details that make the Blade + Blue extra cool:

  • Collar Shape: Nothing is worse than seeing an otherwise handsome shirt ruined by a big, floppy collar. The wrong collar shape can instantly ruin your look. I have slightly trimmed the height on Blade + Blue collars, then created a semi-spread shape for a very sharp & modern effect. 
  • Interior Cuff Trim: You guys have told me that your favorite surprise is the navy herringbone tape tucked just inside the sleeve cuffs. Guys are always rolling up their sleeves to be comfortable and this subtle detail allows them to be relaxed but still look polished at the same time.
  • Placket Construction: The slimmer center placket shape of the Blade + Blue shirt is sewn in with a stitch right at the edge of the placket. This technique creates a more streamlined look and eliminates the distracting, 'rumpled' effect that occurs with most other shirts.




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