Burgundy Heather with Pink Dragonflies Print Pocket Tee

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OMG, it is hard to keep up with this one!

Dragonfly Print Pocket Tee: My favorite print takes on a new life!

I have been using Japanese dragonfly prints for a while now; shirts, ties, boxers ..... you name it. I just think they look so powerful & interesting. Not to mention that dragonflies are symbols of courage & strength in Japanese arts.

But I actually never knew too much about them until I watched a documentary called 'The Secret World of Dragonflies' - my mind was blown! 

Did you know that dragonflies have been on earth since the dinosaur age? 

Do yourself a favor and watch that special, you'll have a whole new appreciation for these fascinating creatures.

Made in the USA: Blade + Blue pocket tees are cut & sewn in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The Fabric: I work to secure the best knit fabric on the market, it has to be super-soft and no itchy tags!

Made of a super-soft 50% Cotton / 50% Poly blended knit.

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