Black Skier Belt by One Magnificent Beast

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Sometimes you are just struck by an object's beauty and you can't shake it. Maybe it is a painting or a song or even a person (!) Well, that is how I felt when I came across the belts made by One Magnificent Beast.

Based just outside of Boston, One Magnificent Beast is the creative project of Charles Heightchew & Gunner Kleinschmidt, combining their love of architecture, design, and color.

Charles and Gunner started making belts for themselves when they simply couldn't find any styles they liked. They wanted something with more 'personality', so they took matters literally into their own hands. (All pieces are made by hand in their studio).

They fused their love of vintage textiles & color schemes with their technical training to create something unique & beautiful.

I could feel the soul behind the art they created. It was like Blade+Blue had a long lost brother out in Massachusetts. 

I am honored to share their artistry with you.

BLACK VELVET BELT: Handmade by One Magnificent Beast exclusively for Blade+Blue, this belt is made by fusing a vintage skier embroidery with a black Japanese herringbone twill.

This past summer, when Charles was showing me what he had been working on, my first thought was that I needed the skier for my holiday gift guide!

I was lucky enough to convince him to let me have it... that's what a few drinks in Provincetown can do!


Measures 1.25" tall.

Made in USA. 

Sizing: S = 29"- 32"   M = 32"-34"   L = 34" - 36"   XL 36" - 38"

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