Brass Moneybags Money Clip

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As I think about "Old School Cool", I think about the small details that separate 'the good' from 'the superb', 'the cute' from 'the dashing' and 'the men' from 'the boys'. 

Sometimes it just takes a small gesture to set you apart from the rest.  In this curated set of vintage finds, I have included some very cool vintage tie clips that I have collected in my travels. You will be sure to find the perfect choice that shows off your own take on "Old School Cool".

There was a time when guys just had STYLE!  Every little detail was thoughtful and interesting. Well, it is your turn to rock some of that old school style. Check out this hilarious money clip - made of brass, measuring just under 2" tall & engraved with that cool moneybags symbol.
Too Cool.