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NEW STYLE! You asked me for a crewneck version of the dachshund logo sweater & I couldn't make it happen last year - but I am so happy to share him with you now :)

The Blade + Blue crewneck sweater is the perfect complement to your B+B shirts & is the cornerstone for building your wardrobe. (It also 
looks great with just a simple marled tee underneath).

Made of fine gauge, 100% pima cotton, these sweaters feature the little bowtie'd dachshund who reminds me that sometimes the underdog can win.

(BTW, that's my little dachshund, Gavin)

Launching new products is a very serious endeavor for a small company like Blade + Blue, so it wasn't going to happen unless it was just right. I was so fortunate to have a chance of working with one of the world's best knit factories, that I just had to do it.

I wanted to honor that little dachshund logo while bringing you a product that is impeccably made. It is also wonderful to know that this factory has donated a percentage of the proceeds from Blade + Blue to the schools in their community. Now, THAT is cool.

100% Pima Cotton. Made in Peru.

NEW FOR THE HOLIDAY SALE! ! Camel Fine Gauge Cotton Crewneck Sweater

$ 55.00 $ 69.50

Size | S

Color | Camel


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NEW FOR THE HOLIDAY SALE! ! Camel Fine Gauge Cotton Crewneck Sweater

$ 55.00





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