Grey & White Check Shirt - Dallas

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Grey & White

Product Details

Made in the USA: Blade + Blue shirts are made in limited runs here in the USA. I work with master craftsmen whose family has been making shirts since the 1950's. 

It starts with the fabric:  Blade + Blue sources premium Japanese fabrics from some of the finest textile mills in the world.

Then the details: Blade + Blue is small, so each shirt gets plenty of attention in the design & manufacturing process. I like to focus on the small things that make a big difference; like finding unique buttons or selecting the thread color that best complements each fabric. My favorite detail is the navy blue herringbone tape that peeks out of the interior cuff.  Guys are always rolling up their sleeves to be comfortable and that subtle detail allows them to be relaxed and still look polished. Its these small details that make each shirt classic & cool.

And the fit: I set out to create a shirt that was comfortable and flattering. I was tired of feeling stuffed into the skinny fits and then frumpy in all the boxy fits. The Blade + Blue cut was designed to provide room for comfort in key areas like the chest and shoulders but slightly nipped at the waist for a clean look. The lengths of Blade + Blue shirts were also designed to make you to look great tucked in or out. 

Dallas Check:  This season's collection certainly has a much more 'calm, cool & collected' vibe to it and the Dallas was my jumping off point for that inspiration.  Personally, I needed a minute to slow down & breathe after spending much of last year jumping through hoops as I grew my little brand. Now if you excuse me, I am going to throw on this beautiful shirt, relax and breathe. 100% cotton, trimmed with marbled white buttons and navy herringbone tape. 

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