Navy Blue African Floral Graphic Pattern Socks

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Navy Floral Graphic Socks:  Inspired by the African Mudcloth Patterns that seem to be all the rage. This is a dashing interpretation of the natural beauty of Africa - colored in complementary tones of blue & grey with sweet lime accents.  Now I can't get "Africa" out of my head. Aargh! One size: Below Calf, Shoe Sizes 8.5 - 12.5

Made in the USA:  These socks are made by Zkano in Fort Payne, Alabama.  Zkano is carrying on a tradition of sock making in America. Fort Payne, Alabama used to be known as the 'Sock Capital of the World' until companies moved those jobs to Asia in order to save cost. Blade + Blue is proud to support this American tradition and support a long standing, American family business.

What makes these so special?:  These socks are made of certified organic cotton and dyed with custom, low-impact dyes.  Because these socks are produced in very small batches, high quality standards are easily monitored.  Oh, and have you seen the colors?


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