Green with Seahorse Print Pocket Tee Size XL Available

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'Wildflowers' Green Seahorse Pocket Tee: This summer, I have been spending a lot of time north of San Francisco. If you have ever visited SF in the summertime, you know... we actually don't have a summertime!

I figured if SF can't bring me a hot summer, I will make one for myself.

That includes making a few pieces that make me feel like I am in paradise.

Seahorses are known to live in tropical waters including the Mediterranean Sea - my Motherland!

They are fascinating creatures - just look look at that thing! It has a flexible neck!

Oh, and did you know that seahorses are used to treat impotency in Chinese medicine?

Made in the USA: Blade + Blue pocket tees are cut & sewn in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The Fabric: I work to secure the best knit fabric on the market, it has to be super-soft and no itchy tags!

Made of a super-soft 50% Cotton / 50% Poly blended knit.

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