Limited Edition Blue Snap Front Jacket

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Limited Edition Bomber Jacket: OK, You guys loved the first jacket we made... so we are BACK with another limited edition bomber!  This time we chose a neutral olive & tipped it with grey heather accents. I hope you love this one too!

Sleek & Sexy but Tough as Nails. That was the goal for this jacket, but that's easier said than done. So I turned to my friend Dahae Kim to help me craft the perfect bomber jacket.

I have long admired Dahae's exquisite tailoring skills & the strong sculptural sense that she brings to her line WhichKim. I knew this tough, strong fabric would melt in her hands.

It was very important that we struck a balance between strong & sleek, between rough & refined. So we started with an 11oz brushed bull-denim; an extremely durable fabric that has a rich, textured character.

We cut the fabric to create a tailored fit throughout the body.  Even though we used a tough, work-wear inspired fabric, we wanted the piece to feel polished & refined. 

To me, the shapes used to create the front pockets perfectly embody this idea of fusing the 'hard' & 'soft'. Dahae's architectural cutouts perfectly reimagine a utility pocket on a more classic piece.

A very important feature that often gets overlooked is the lining of your jacket. Rather than using inexpensive polyester like most brands would, we used an olive plaid with a great stretch to it.  Of course I wanted to use a plaid, I always want to use a plaid! 

But this plaid does more than add a very cool pop when your jacket opens up, the stretch in the fabric provides a tremendous amount of COMFORT. You will feel the difference the stretch makes as soon as you put the jacket on. 

Each piece is individually made at Dahae's studio in Oakland, California. Quantities are very limited.

The jacket's shell is made of 100% cotton (brushed bull-denim) and the lining is composed of 96% cotton with 4% lycra.

While there is a sleek fit to the jacket, it runs pretty true to size. There should not be a need to size up or down. For more specific measurements, please see the "Size & Fit" Tab

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