Natural Tan 'Faux' Leather & Grey Denim Reversible Tote Bag

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2 TOTES in 1 !

I really do love tote bags, I admit it. Take a look at my site, I make A LOT of different items so I am constantly hauling things to the post office, to the shipping space, to my design studio, etc.

I rely on these tote bags to help me get my work done.

One important lesson I have learned is that the bag itself can't be too heavy. I use midweight, soft-handed fabrics to construct the bags.

I have some bags that just kill my shoulder because they are made of such heavyweight fabrics which don't necessarily make them stronger.

Each piece was made made right here in San Francisco.

FIRST OF ALL, this tote is REVERSIBLE - you can choose what side works best for you. And this one is really split down the middle - some of my friends love the tan faux leather and some prefer the deep grey denim side.  Me????? I can't decide!  I need two!

Check out the images to see it both ways.

This tote is composed of two base materials: a tan faux leather & a dark grey denim. I looked high and low for the perfect leather substitute and I chose this one for a few reasons - the color, the weight and the hand-feel. Also, this material is being 'upcycled', scraps from a local factory turned into something pretty beautiful.

The faux leather is structured but still soft & supple. It will be durable but not weigh you down & hurt your shoulder.

But the color - my god! 

SECONDLY, the bag is big but not overwhelming and it fits a TON of stuff. 

This bag measures 19" wide  x 16" tall with a set of top handles that fit nicely over your shoulder. 

For this set of bags, I added a 10" pocket with zip closure. It is an interior pocket if the tan side is facing outward. If I have the denim side exposed, I keep the pocket close to my body, it comes in REALLY handy.

This bag won't do anything to cure my tote bag addiction.


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