Gold with Southwest Triangles Print Pocket Tee

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Triangles Print Pocket Tee: Over the last year, I have been spending a lot of time in Western Texas where Blade+Blue's shirts are made. I finally got a chance to travel across the SouthWest and see towns like Las Cruces, Albuquerque, El Paso & Santa Fe. I was blown away by the natural beauty that I found.

 One night while driving home from the factory, the most incredible sunset appeared from behind the hillside. It was so spectacular that I had to pull over to admire it. It was like the sky was full of honey. 

The colored triangles of this southwestern print remind me of the bands of color pouring out from that beautifully golden sky.

Made in the USA: Blade + Blue tees are cut & sewn in Los Angeles, CA and then screen printed in Berkeley, CA

The Fabric: I work to secure the best knit fabric on the market, it has to be super-soft and no itchy tags!

Made of a super-soft 50% Cotton / 50% Poly blended knit.

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