Olive Green Watchcap

$ 18


Product Details

C'mon, tell me the boys don't look great in this cap!

I always know when something turns out great by a certain reaction I get from the boys when I pull samples out for the first time during the photo shoots: Their eyes get big & crazy,  there is usually an 'oh my god' in there somewhere and then they grab it from my hands and want to be in front of the camera right away.

That was the case with this season's watch caps & scarves. I mean, you can tell from the pictures how naturally cool they felt wearing them. I felt like a million bucks watching them have fun with these beautiful items we made.

Each watch cap is Made in the USA from pliable & comfortable acrylic yarns.  The caps have a great 'stretchy' quality so you can shape the cap to however you think looks best on you.

Oh and by the way, check out that awesome Blade + Blue patch we came up with!


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