Red Chambray Paper Planes Print Tie

$ 59


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BACK IN STOCK! I am so glad you liked the paper planes print so much. And I am also so glad that I was able to make a few more for you!

Paper Planes Print Tie: I am so happy to have the paper planes back - & this time in red! This print started as a doodle in my notebook & soon became one of the most popular things I have ever made. This time, I screen printed the paper planes motif on a pale red, Japanese chambray & it turned out beautifully. I just always imagine bored school kids throwing paper planes at their teacher - it must be some trapped childhood memory manifesting itself! 

Made in the USA:  Blade + Blue neckties are made right here in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

It starts with the fabric:  I literally search the globe for premium grade fabrics that will perfectly complement the Blade + Blue shirt collection. This season's fabrics come from Tokyo, Paris & San Francisco.

Then comes the shape: This isn't your grand-daddy's necktie. The Blade + Blue silhouette is 2.5" wide: Modern & Cool.