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I have always had a thing for old watches. There is something about the character of an old watch that just defines "Old School Cool" for me. I've just thought it was so much cooler to discover a beautiful old watch than to just walk into a store and buy a new one. There is a strength in knowing how old they are and seeing them faithfully keep perfect time. There is a magic in thinking of the life that this watch had before it came into your hands. And there is a beauty in knowing that some things just never go out of style.

When I was growing up, my dad never splurged on anything. His focus was on taking care of us kids.  But the one thing that he loved was a great watch. I think I inherited that from him.  As Blade + Blue is really a 'Thank - You' letter to my father for all that he taught us about being men, I couldn't be more excited and proud than to share this collection of beautiful found watches with you.  

Oh Boy, Oh Boy - that expression you will find love when you are least expecting it made sense when I found this beautiful watch.

Last year, I went pretty out of my way to stop at an estate sale on the drive back from southern California. I was pretty disappointed that there was lots of things for little old ladies and not a strong young man like me (ha!). I was just about to say "thank you & goodbye" when I saw the beautiful blue band of this watch peeking out from a bookcase shelf. I didn't know anything about the brand, I just fell in love with the handsome watch and the story behind it.  The family explained that the owner had bought this watch for her husband about 70 years ago and still kept it to remember him by. I fell in love with this watch and with the couple whom I saw pictured throughout this home.

I needed to find this watch a new lease on life. 

This was produced by the Felco company in the late 1940's. Felco was a Swiss company who specialized in medium-end watches. The face has a 'champagne' colored hue with raised numerals that appear to have a copper colored patina. All housed in a stainless steel case which measures 1.5" across including the dial. The back is marked 33909. 

The band is a stunning shade of blue with the animal embossed texture you see in the pictures. I cannot determine if it is the original band.

This is a wind up model and should be wound every day. I have been testing it and runs very well. It just needs a few seconds to 'warm up' after it has stopped - in other words, be patient he is 70 years old!

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