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Japanese Textile Red Stripe Bow Tie

$ 59


Product Details

Made in the USA:  Blade + Blue bow ties are made right here in the San Francisco Bay Area.

It starts with the fabric:  I literally search the globe for premium grade fabrics that will perfectly complement the Blade + Blue shirt collection. This season's fabrics come from Japan, France & Denmark.

Then comes the shape: The choice is your's to make.  Blade + Blue bow ties come to you already hand knotted. Simply hook the back clasp, then adjust to fit.

If you prefer the old fashioned method, you can undo the knot, firmly secure the back clasp and tie it yourself.

Red Mini Stripe Bow Tie: This is a beautiful Japanese textile that we turned into the sweetest little bow tie. A beautiful shade of red which is softened by a faint stripe which creates a textured-like effect.

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