Provincetown White “Choose Your Fighter" Lighthouse Tee Shirt

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Choose Your Fighter Lighthouse Tee: Is that a lighthouse on your tee or are you just happy to see me?
Lighthouses are synonymous with relaxing summer vacations on Cape Cod. 
The shoreline is peppered with beautiful lighthouses, each with it's own unique architecture & historic stories to tell. 
If you get to Provincetown, you must catch a glimpse of the Race Point Lighthouse. When I think of P-Town, that beautiful lighthouse is one of the first things I think of.
Well, leave it to my friend Andrew to come up with his own hilarious spin on lighthouses....
Now I have to admit... I STILL play Atari video games! I swear, I play on old Atari 2600 that is virtually prehistoric.
But from what Andrew tells me, the 'kids' now 'choose their fighter' to show which character best represents them in their video game battles.
I choose #3.
Which fighter do you choose?
Body made of a super-soft 50% Cotton / 50% Poly blended knit
The Provincetown T-Shirt Collection:
Provincetown always has a mysterious way of popping up into my work.
I first visited "P-Town" over 20 years ago and it was an awakening. I never knew I could feel so free being myself.
I wanted these shirts to express that sense of freedom and I knew there was one guy who could bring it to all to life.
Acclaimed artist Andrew Sedgwick Guth and I tapped into our shared love of Provincetown to create this set of tees.
We were inspired by real life places & things like biking to the dunes, ferry rides from Boston & of course, Spiritus Pizza!
But this is also a celebration of the joy & freedom that made us fall in love with this magical place.
These Were Made by Hand: 
These graphics were made by the hands of Andrew Sedgwick Guth. The tees are Made in USA and each piece is hand signed and numbered by the artist.
First, he carved out the artwork - that's right, he CARVED out the artwork with his own hands! From the carving, a traditional 'block print' is created. 
The block print is used to make the screens for printing on the actual tees.
No short cuts here, this is an old-school technique that preserves a more 'human' & 'natural' distressing, a hallmark of Andrew's work.
Lastly, he personally pulls the ink on to each tee shirt to create the finished item.
No two shirts will be exactly the same - we think it is cooler that way.
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