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  • Vintage Waltham Gold Tone Watch
  • Vintage Waltham Gold Tone Watch

Vintage Waltham Gold Tone Watch

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I have always had a thing for old watches. There is something about the character of an old watch that just defines "Old School Cool" for me. I've just thought it was so much cooler to discover a beautiful old watch than to just walk into a store and buy a new one. There is a strength in knowing how old they are and seeing them faithfully keep perfect time. There is a magic in thinking of the life that this watch had before it came into your hands. And there is a beauty in knowing that some things just never go out of style.

When I was growing up, my dad never splurged on anything. His focus was on taking care of us kids.  But the one thing that he loved was a great watch. I think I inherited that from him.  As Blade + Blue is really a 'Thank - You' letter to my father for all that he taught us about being men, I couldn't be more excited and proud than to share this collection of beautiful found watches with you.  


I was really lucky to meet a Waltham enthusiast this past summer and he shared his collection with me. I mean, this guy was seriously old school.

I picked up a few treasures from him and I am so excited to bring them to you.

This is classic Waltham, the go-to style: gold-tone rounded face, art deco numerals and those signature red Waltham accents on the logo flag & second hand sweep.

The crystal is nice & clean and the case is stamped with the Waltham mark on the back case.

He has the classic wide pie-pan Waltham face measuring 1.5" wide.

This watch has been serviced and keeps great time.

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