Walnut Brown 'Faux' Leather & Grey Denim Reversible Tote Bag

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OK! I was able to make a few pieces of this incredible tote.. I'm not even going to take one for myself!

At every photoshoot, apparently it has become a joke that I always want to add a tote bag into every shot... No more making fun of me behind my back!

Take a look at my site, I make A LOT of different items so I am constantly hauling things to the post office, to the shipping space, to my design studio, etc.

I have come to rely on these tote bags to help me get my work done & they can take a beating!

FIRST OF ALL, These totes were Made in California.

SECONDLY, this tote is REVERSIBLE  - This tote is composed of two base materials: a rich brown faux leather & a dark grey denim.

You can choose what side works best for you. As usual, I can't make up my mind about which side is cooler.

The faux leather is structured but still soft & supple. It will be durable but not weigh you down & hurt your shoulder.

THIRDLY, the bag is big but not overwhelming and it fits a TON of stuff. 


This bag measures 19" wide  x 16" tall with a set of top handles that fit nicely over your shoulder. 

For this set of bags, I added a 10" pocket with zip closure. It is an interior pocket if the tan side is facing outward. If I have the denim side exposed, I keep the pocket close to my body, it comes in REALLY handy.


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