The Perfect Boxer Shorts

Why are our boxer so special? Simply because they solve a big problem with boxers out there: they hug you in the right places.
No more baggy boxers hanging out of our pants. Blade + Blue made in america boxer shorts are designed with a Slim-Cut and with a stretch capability for comfort that you won't find in any other brand.
Our boxers will feel great with any size pants you wear. They fit well enough to provide the right amount of support without compromising in freedom of movement.
Our boxer shorts are made with premium fabrics containing 97% cotton & 3% lycra, just the perfect combination to give you comfort.
We are so proud of our boxers and we are sure that you will love them too. These boxers are made in America, right here in the Bay Area. We are happy to support manufacturing in USA, job creations, and human rights. This country builds great products and this is our mission to you.


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