About Us

There comes a time when you just have to do it. When the fire inside is lit and there is no turning back.You can't explain it. You just know that it is finally time. Time to be bigger than everything you've been afraid of. Time to take life into your own hands. Time to take the dream that is inside and make it real.

For 20 years, I have been fortunate to work for a range of both established and fledgling fashion brands. Chances are that if you look in your closet, I've worked on something you already own. Being a part of these brands with so many talented people has been fun and rewarding. But it is time that I found my own voice.

Blade + Blue began when I found the baseball glove that I used as a little kid. That glove was a reminder of all the things that my father taught me and my brother. How all men share these same things. How we are connected through tradition. How some things never go out of style.

All Blade + Blue products are made in limited quantities. I am proud to keep things small and special. And when possible, the products are manufactured in the United States. Specifically, they are made close to home, in the San Francisco Bay area by old and new friends who are experts in their craft and passionate about what they do.

I am just one person with a dream. But I never could have made it happen without the help of friends. I never knew the world was so full of kindness. I have been astounded by the way people have been willing to share their knowledge, their hard work, their time and their support. I will never be able to sufficiently express the gratitude in my heart.

Thank you for being part of my dream. Thank you for being part of Blade + Blue.