American Made Clothing

American Made Clothing

From pattern makers & fit models to button & textile suppliers.

From fabric cutters & sewers to graphic designers & screen printers.

Did you know that it can take up to 20 people to bring a single item to life?

Blade + Blue is proud to support American workers, artists, and craftsmen

Thank you for being part of my American dream.

American Made Clothing

Shirts built in El Paso, TX

Blade + Blue shirts are produced by some of the finest shirt makers in the country. This family of craftsmen has dedicated their lives to making men’s shirts since the 1950’s.


American Made Socks

Socks built in Fort Payne, AL

Fort Payne, Alabama used to be the sock making capital of the world. Then companies cut costs & moved production overseas. Blade + Blue is honored to carry on the tradition of American sock making & support a long-standing family-owned business.


American Made Clothing

Suspenders built in Emeryville, CA

Blade + Blue Leather Skinny Suspenders are made just 20 minutes outside of San Francisco.


American Made Ties

Ties built in Santa Rosa, CA

After the fabrics are collected from around the world, it all comes home to California. I work with a small team of artisans 50 miles north of San Francisco who give each piece the care that will let you look your best.


American Made Underwear

Boxers built in San Leandro, CA

Blade + Blue boxers started with a little idea & some California know-how. I wanted a boxer that was slim-cut, sexy & comfortable. I shared the idea with a friend who is a genius in garment construction and we turned that idea into a phenomenon in his shop just outside of Oakland, CA.


American Made Shirts

Built in San Francisco, CA

Blade + Blue is one man’s dream come to life through creativity, drive & hard work. This is my American dream.