Blade + Blue Long Sleeve Shirts

I live for making shirts. Every Blade + Blue long-sleeved shirt should feel special feel like it has a soul. I want this to be your new favorite shirt.


Tucked in or out

The lengths of Blade + Blue shirts are designed to make you look great tucked in or out.

Smart Collar Shape

Nothing is worse than seeing an otherwise handsome shirt ruined by a big, floppy collar. These collars feature a slightly trimmed height, and a semi-spread shape for a very sharp & modern effect.

Interior Cuff Trim

You guys have told me that your favorite surprise is the navy herringbone tape tucked just inside the sleeve cuffs. Guys are always rolling up their sleeves to be comfortable and this subtle detail allows them to be relaxed but still look polished.

Placket Construction

The slimmer center placket shape of the Blade + Blue shirt is sewn in with a stitch right at the edge of the placket. This technique creates a more streamlined look and eliminates the distracting, 'rumpled' effect that occurs with most other shirts.


Every Blade + Blue shirt has a story behind it. Inspired by creatures and natural wonders around me, each pattern is not only unique, but meaningful.


I don't make many solid shirts. However, I fell in love with the flannel quality of these rich, melange blends. They are so soft you'll want to make a blanket out of them.


I get a lot of compliments on this shirt. The design is fascinating, the tailoring is great for my frame, and the material is excellent. Highly recommend this shirt for when you need to impress.
-Benjamin L.

I'd been eyeing this shirt for a long time, and I am so glad I finally ordered it. The unusual color combination is so nice, the soft brushed cotton feels terrific, and the cut is so flattering.
- Jay D.

I just wore my new ‘Steele’ shirt to an event last night where a queen told me how much she loved it. That is good enough for me.
-Paul S.