The Meaning of "Blade + Blue"

The following is a quote from my journal dated February 20, 2011:

"…He was so sad in the shelter, they called him 'Lonesome Blue'. He came with us that day and a new life began. We named him 'Blade'…"

This quote reminded me to never give up on the underdog. I have watched this dog who was once so 'lonesome and blue' grow into a beautiful, strong champion.  

I think of myself as "the underdog" too. This is not a big company. I am just one guy who is trying to make his dream come true.  And while it isn't easy, the name "Blade + Blue" reminds me to never give up on myself and my dream.

This quote is now printed on the inside hem of the Blade + Blue tees.  It is my way of passing on the power of believing in yourself on to you.

Thank you so much for reading this….