Provincetown Royal Blue "Spill the Tea" Tee

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Color – Blue

    Designed in collaboration with artist Andrew Sedgwick Guth (see more below)

    PTOWN "SPILL the TEA" TEE: I had never even heard the term 'Tea Dance' until I got to Provincetown, but I soon understood its importance.

    You've just worked on your tan and you're feeling extra handsome.
    Everyone is checking each other out, but this is just the pre-game show.
    You're there to see your friends, get the latest gossip & flirt like a maniac....
    And all of this is immediately followed by an epic disco nap.

    Please note: The graphic's vividness will vary from piece to piece. (Some pieces may be more faded than others, etc)

    The Provincetown T-Shirt Collection:
    Provincetown has a mysterious way of popping up into my work.
    I first visited "P-Town" over 20 years ago and it was an awakening.
    I never knew I could feel so free being myself.
    I wanted these shirts to express that sense of freedom and I knew there was one guy who could bring it to all to life.

    Acclaimed artist Andrew Sedgwick Guth and I tapped into our shared love of Provincetown to create a set of tees - and they caught a lot of attention.
    With things hopefully getting back to normal, we wanted this year's to be extra colorful & extra fun.

    We were inspired by real life places, things & experiences like biking to the dunes, making new friends on the beach, flirting at tea dance and getting a little too tan at the pool.
    This is a celebration of the joy & freedom that made us fall in love with this magical place.

    A portion of all sales will be donated to the Provincetown Library to help pay down the mortgage on their landmark building.

    These Were Made by Hand: 
    These graphics were made by the talented hands of artist Andrew Sedgwick Guth: or @sedgwick_guth

    Made from an uber-soft 50% Cotton / 50% Poly blend.

    Due to a lack of materials, this year's tees are imported and then hand printed in Harrisburg, PA.
    No two shirts will be exactly the same - it's cooler that way :)


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    Provincetown Royal Blue "Spill the Tea" Tee
    Provincetown Royal Blue "Spill the Tea" Tee

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