Men's cardigans, the new cool!

Cardigans for Men

I admit it, a few years ago, if you said the words “men’s cardigan” to me, the first image that would pop into my head was of a bunch of older, slightly pudgy men playing golf. A cardigan sweater was something your grandfather might wear, something you might find at the back of a drawer smelling of moth balls. Not exactly awesome, right? But oh how things have changed. Now, the kind of man that wears a cardigan is cool, stylish, elegant, hip, and most definitely on trend. I mean, if Daniel Craig and Ryan Gosling can wear cardigans, let’s just say that nowadays, CARDIGAN = COOL.

You can wear a men’s cardigan sweater with pretty much anything and a cardigan can go pretty much anywhere. Throw on your favorite button down shirt, a tie, pair it with a classic navy blue v-neck cardigan, and it’s off to work you go. You say you’re getting on a jet plane? Well, put on your favorite pair of jeans, a white t-shirt, a printed cardigan, grab a blazer and I promise you won’t get stopped in the security line. You have tickets to a baseball game? No worries. Put on some cargo pants, your favorite band t-shirt, a colored cardigan sweater, add a leather jacket and you can run right out the door, secure in the knowledge that your cool factor is intact. I could go on and on, but you get my drift.

Whether it’s chunky knit, shawl collar, graphic print, lightweight or heavyweight, long or short, a men’s cardigan sweater adds an element of polish to any look you’re sporting. Think of it as the modern man’s hoodie. So don’t be shy, get out there and get yourself one (or two) because as mentioned before, nowadays, CARDIGAN = COOL.

Navy Cardigan for Men
Grey Cardigan for Men